History has taught us that there is always someone willing to cut corners to get ahead. While
some businesses are comfortable taking shortcuts, Metropolitan Title is not. If a company is
willing to bend the rules to develop business, what else are they willing to do in the pursuit of
profit? At Metropolitan Title, no amount of financial gain is worth sacrificing our name and
integrity in the communities we work hard to serve.

The Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) was enacted to protect property buyers
from inflated costs, bait-and-switch pricing, and shady backroom deals where companies pay
kickbacks for referrals. Even though this Act was passed in 1974, these unsavory practices
continue and these payoffs still occur.

Fortunately there are resources to help light the way down the property transaction path. The
National Association of Realtors website lists firms in violation of RESPA and the Consumer
Financial Protection Bureau website offers a way for consumers to lodge complaints digitally. If
you have questions regarding the firms you are dealing with or have reason to believe you have
been the victim of unfair business practices, we encourage you to visit these sites and use
these resources.

You are also always welcome to call or stop by our offices, whether you are seeking guidance
or simply want to chat about what’s going on around town. We have been and will continue to
be here for you as Indiana’s Title Company.

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